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We follow stringent and standardized proccess in production of Readymix..



Typically RMC plant requires I acres of even land and must be located within the vicinity of construction activities,so the reduction In idle running of all vehicles.The proper roads,surface drains and waste disposal systems to be made as per the capacity of the plant.


Procurement Of Raw Materials:

The quality raw materials will be sourced locally after, testing as per IS guidelines.The cement may be sourced from reputed suppliers,the natural river sand and coarse aggregrates will be checked truck wise before accepting.The water and admixture will be tested periodically for suitability In making concrete. Cement canbe sourced from client if it is economical and price advantage can be looked in to..


Production Of Concrete:

Concrete will be produced against the order received from the site and stringent quality standards are executed in the production.The samples are taken for each supply as per specifications. The testing will be done at the lab in the presence of client at specified age.The standard deviation for all the ingredients and concrete properties will be presented to client as and when required.

The concrete will bet ransported through transit mixers and will be pumped by concrete pumps to required place (upto 100mtrs horizontallty and 50mtrs. Vertically).The minimum Quantity for pumping will be 30 cum/pour. It isa dvisable not to pump the column concrete through pumps due to mechanical reasons.



These plants canmeet the demand up to 25,000 to 30,000 cubic meter/month each and it is viable to operate at minimum quantity of 9000 cubic meter/ month.In lean period,the excess capacity will be utilized to service local market.